Webinar 3 of 3 with Philippe Goldin, PhD – english


Thank you for your interest in this and the two earlier webinars that Philippe so generously has offered us. And of course a big THANKS to Philippe! The feed back has been extraordinary positive!

This time Philippe guided us in six short contemplations that we all and many others can use to integrate mindfulness and compassion into our daily lives. Please feel free to make the contemplations available to many more!

The goal of our work with Mindfulnesscenter in Sweden is to make mindfulness and compassion training broadly available in society – in schools, health care, working life and leadership just to mention a few fields of action. We would love to connect to others with a similar vision!

We hope that you all in your own way where you are in life will join the work to make the world into a better and more safe place thorough mindfulness and compassion.

How can we live with the awareness in our daily lives that “all is one”!?

Listening to the recordings with Philippe regularly might be one way? What do you think?

Philippe Goldin, PhD is an Associate Professor at University of California Davis and Director of Clinically Applied Affective Neuroscience Laboratory.


Summary of talk

This webinar focused on experiencing a sequence of brief contemplations that progress from mindfulness to compassion to interconnectedness.

The goal was to discern different mental states and observe our innate capacity for inner depth and expansive connection with all and everything.



You can watch the recording from the webinar below


Below is the link to the meditations.
Here is the outline:

1.       Mindfulness from focused attention to open monitoring – 0 to13 min

2.       Equanimity – 13 to 22 min

3.       Just like me-loving kindness  –  22 to 29.30 min

4.       Self across time  –  29.30 to 37.50 min

5.       Transforming the inner critic  –  37.50 to 44 min

6.       Universal compassion  –  44 to 53 min

7.       Stories, Questions and Answers  – 53min to the end

Please enjoy!

And please make them available to many more where you are!

Moderator and host:
Dr Ola Schenström, Gp, mindfulness teacher, author of 4 book on mindfulness.

Ola is a founder of Mindfulnesscenter (2007, MfC) with the aim of making training in mindfulness and compassion widely available in Sweden – in preschool / school, care, working life and leadership.

MfC has trained about 2,800 Mindfulnessinstructors Step 1 and about 180 Step 2. About 15 research articles have been published on MfC trainingprograms and e-courses.

Ola has previously been chairman of the Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Weapons and Chair of the Executive Committee of the IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)recipient of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

You are most welcome to connect with me if you have ideas, experiences on how to make the practice of mindfulness and compassion available to many more! Warm greetings from the South of Sweden, Ola Schenström, MD

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