Old platform for online courses is closing 31/10 and replaced by Teachable

As we announced in May 2020, we now need to close down our 10 year old platform for online courses.
Close down on 2020-10-31

We cannot maintain the old platform any longer. It lacks support for further development, support and updates, and the online courses does not work properly any more. We receive a lot of mail about this.

We have moved all courses to a new platform Teachable. It has been a lot of hard work and we have invested heavily in the new platform.

Visit our new platform Teachable – click here

We offer one course in English:

Mindfuless – Taster course  – to increase your focus and energy in everyday life!

What does this mean for you?

For those of you who bought a course at our old platform will now be able to continue mindfulness training on our new platform at a very low cost.

We offer 50% off on all online courses in Teachable

I hope that you want to continue mindfulness training with us.

USE CODE NY50 in the checkout.

Click here to reach our new platform Teachable

We offer one course in English –

Mindfulness – Taster course – to increase your focus and energy in everyday life.

Offer is valid until 2020-12-31

All the best and take good care of yourself – always!
Dr Ola Schenström, Author, Mindfulness Teacher
Founder  of Mindfulnesscenter


Our neew platform Teachable
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