Mindfulness Centre (MFC) is a leading education company in Mindfulness. We target both for private individuals to health care workers as well as managers and employees in work and in compounds.

We continually train tutors and trainers in Mindfulness, conducts lectures and producing various kinds of teaching materials for self-study. We also tailor training packages for larger groups. Since spring 2010, we are the first Swedish company to offer web-based Mindfulnesstraining.

MFC is also a leader in Sweden in terms of developing products for mindfulness training . For example, Sweden’s most popular program ” Här & Nu ”

With us you will also find web-based training programs with associated mobile applications. We provide concepts for both workplaces and schools.

Mindfulnesscenter participates in a number of research projects.

MFC has its headquarters in Lomma, Skåne. With our own staff as well as a network with over 2600 Mindfulness Instructors included, we undertake assignments across the country.

Founder and owner of MFC , Dr. Ola Schenström, specialist in general medicine and one of the leading experts on mindfulness. He was educated in the United States by, among others, Professor Emeritus Jon Kabat-Zinn.